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Candice Slawsky

Candice Slawsky was born in Mississauga, Ontario and moved to Edmonton when she was two years old. Prior to that she also lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, where as her uncle once put it, “The only toys she [had were] rocks”. Now that wasn’t strictly speaking true, but she far preferred playing with the rocks in her backyard to pretty much anything else. Likely stemming from the kinship she felt towards them as her head was ostensibly full of them.

She is currently a third semester Radio and Television student at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. In 2022 she graduated from Archbishop MacDonald High School where she took part in competitive speaking, winning gold in the 2021 Edmonton regional competition.

Candice is a fanatical movie lover, preferring anything strange and out of the ordinary. Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London from 2004 is a personal favourite of hers as is 2010’s Attenberg.

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