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Kylie Salai

Kylie Salai is an aspiring sports broadcaster and avid hockey fan. She often states that she has ‘two personality traits’ - hockey and Taylor Swift , while this remains somewhat true, there is much more to her than this.
After graduating high school Kylie enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program. After two years, she decided to swap her academic and career path entirely. Kylie joined the NAIT Radio and Television Program in 2023 just five days before the semester began.
Kylie is a former part-time employee at OilersNation where she was a content creator making videos and writing weekly articles. She also conceptualized their Street Team which allowed the staff to engage with fans in fun social media videos. She now works for NAIT Athletics as a Tricaster and Colour Commentator for both the men's and women's hockey teams.
In her free time, Kylie loves to travel, usually for concerts or sporting events. Her passions include sports, Taylor Swift, and country music. Kylie spends her time on various DIY projects, working out, enjoying the PWHL and spending time with her dogs, Kai (named after both Kylie and her sister Kiiya) and Indy.

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