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Keegan Fleming

Keegan was born in Edmonton and raised in Fort Saskatchewan AB, where he took french immersion all the way until he graduated high school in 2015. During his time at Ardrossan Jr. Sr. he developed a passion for sports, trying his hand at all of them that his school offered. Keegan's true passion lied in football where he captained the teams he played for.

Family is very important to Keegan, coming from a blended family he finds happiness in the experiences that his family members share with him. Family gatherings in the Fleming Household have been known to get fairly loud which is where Keegan learned to establish dominance to get his point across.

In his free time, Keegan enjoys playing men's league soccer and taking off to the mountains where he likes camping and taking pictures to post to his social media.

Keegan's goal is to use his knowledge of sports in a more behind the scenes role of sports broadcasts which lead him to NAIT where he is currently taking Radio and Television.

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