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Trumann Tu

Trumann Tu

Trumann Tu was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Hot off the heels of his previous school, many dreams flew in the air through 2016. One of those dreams came into fruition, wishing to pursue a career in the Television industry, leading him to NAIT.

Now in his third semester at NAIT, Trumann’s skills have flourished within the program. His passion for videography is evident, whether he’s filming for the show, or in an edit suite on Final Cut Pro.

In his spare time, Trumann enjoys Japanese animation, video games, and making videos for his YouTube channel. Trumann also dabbles in the art of voice acting, landing many roles for a series of Internet Web shows. His off camera goal is to work alongside his idols from the industry.

You can catch his work on NAIT Newswatch, ready to share his stories with the world.

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