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Jami Letain

Jami was born and raised in St. Albert, Alberta. Although loving her hometown, she always had the travel itch. After high school she decided to move out to Vancouver where she lived for five years and experienced endless adventures.

During this time Jami jumped on the opportunity to be on season 20 of The Bachelor. It was this show that inspired Jami to apply for the Radio & Television program at NAIT. Now currently attending NAIT and living back home Jami has been developing her skills both on and off the camera.

Having a wide range of interests Jami has been experimenting with photography and creating a video blog where she can share what she's learned through her adventures and also what she wants to learn.

In her spare time Jami loves spending time with friends and family. Visiting the Edmonton Humane Society as much as possible. And catching up on her favorite television shows with her cat Drizzy.

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