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Top 5 BTS songs for different moods

By Shania Fausto on January 31, 2023

With almost 300 songs released, the K-POP group BTS definitely has a song for every mood you might have. From different genres such as pop, ballad, EDM, rap, r&b and hip-hop, it’s no question that BTS might have all the songs you need in your playlist. Let’s dive deeply into the extensive discography BTS has, and you might find songs that fit your current mood.

  1. When you are feeling happy: Telepathy

Telepathy is the fifth track on BTS’s 15th album, “BE,” released in 2020. In this song, BTS sings about their relationship with their fandom, “ARMY.” Since the song was released during the COVID-19 pandemic, BTS wanted to remind their fans that even if they’re far away from each other, they are still on their minds hence the title, Telepathy. The verse “Even if I’m not by your side, you know we’re together” perfectly summarizes the song’s message. With Telepathy’s funky rhythm and a retro cheerful added sound, it’s hard not to jam out to this song when you’re happy.

2. When you are feeling sad: The Truth Untold

We all have those moments where we want to curl up in bed and cry simply because we’re sad. The ballad, The Truth Untold, is the ideal song for that moment. The third track on BTS’s Love Yourself: Tear album grabs inspiration from the Italian tale “La Città di Smeraldo.” This tale talks about a man who hides in his home because he doesn’t like how he looks and is afraid to show himself to the woman he loves. The line in the song, “I can’t show you a ruined part of myself. Once again I put a mask on and go to see you, but I still want you,” depicts the man’s struggles which pulls the heartstrings of the people who listen to the song.

3. When you are feeling excited: Dynamite

Dynamite is the lead single for BTS’s “BE” album, which gained worldwide recognition because of its upbeat disco-pop sound that shone a light on the gloomy ambience the pandemic brought. Dynamite encourages listeners to “bring the fire and set the night alight” and forget the real world for a second and have fun. Not only is the song upbeat, but the music video perfectly mirrors the funkiness of the song as well. BTS mixed their groovy dance moves and incredible vocals with a pop of colour to deliver a burst of energy that undoubtedly makes any person tap their feet and move their shoulders when listening to this song.

4. When you are feeling lonely: Lonely

Lonely is a song by one of the members of BTS, RM. In Lonely, just like the title, RM sings about how he feels lonely sometimes even though he lives such a busy life. In the line “I hate this hotel room. I’m floating alone.” RM talks about how he feels alone in hotel rooms whenever they go on tour as a band. He mentions that he sometimes hates the unfamiliar buildings of a place, and he just wants to go back home. This song shows RM’s ability to be vulnerable and open to his fans about his thoughts. With the song’s sad backstory, the upbeat sound of the music balances it out. So, whenever you feel lonely, just listen to this song.

5. When you are feeling productive: Run BTS

Run BTS is a part of BTS’s latest anthology album, “Proof.” In Run BTS, they talk about the hardships that they went through to get to where they are now. They said that the secret to their success is that “All of [them] just run hard. No matter what, [they] just run.” The song motivates the listeners to never lose determination and to keep moving forward. The upbeat hip-hop sound the song has strengthens the spirit of the person who listens to it. It’s definitely an energy booster song that everyone should listen to when they want to feel productive.



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