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MyNAIT Portal makes finding your NAIT information easier

By Miriam Hassan on April 25, 2023

No matter where you attend post-secondary, it’s crucial that you learn how to use that institution’s student portal. You will find important information regarding student life and classes in the student portal. Things such as enrollment dates, tuition costs and transcripts are typically found on the website.  

At NAIT, the online student portal is called the MyNAIT portal. For new students coming to NAIT, your first experience with the MyNAIT portal will be after you apply to your program. The MyNAIT portal is where you will find all the details about your application. So, it’s best that you become comfortable with the website quickly.  

After getting accepted, your MyNAIT portal will have all the information you need during your time at NAIT. Which is why both new and current students alike need to utilize it. On your MyNAIT portal, you will find the following on the left side of the main page:

  • Academic support
  • On campus
  • Financial aid
  • Health & well-being
  • Clubs, groups & community
  • Jobs & career
  • Dates & events
  • NAIT news
  • Contact
  • Emergency services

The MyNAIT portal is also home to Moodle and Self-Service. Moodle is where you will find all the information on your classes, such as the course syllabus, assignments and readings. It will be updated each semester to match the courses you will be taking. Self-Service is where you will find your academic records, financial information, admissions, class enrollment and more.

Knowing where and how to access all this information on the MyNAIT portal will help you during your time at NAIT.  



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