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4 hobbies to reduce stress for NAIT students

By Nora Mohamad on February 16, 2023

Having hobbies in the life of a student is important to refocus the mind while doing something for fun. Hobbies help students regain energy after a long day attending classes and sitting at a computer for hours to study and work on homework. Students need to do something fun to boost their moods and a reminder to care for their well-being during a busy day.

1. Journaling

Writing in a journal is an essential self-care practice. It helps to release negative thoughts and emotions from the mind. A benefit to writing in a journal is you can organize your thoughts and see what to prioritize and what can wait until another time. The Five Minute Journal encourages the practice of gratitude through journaling daily. Each page in this journal shares a motivational quote and questions focused on positive thinking and mindfulness.

NAIT has the Write into Yourself event on Wednesday, March. 1, 2023, for students interested in creative writing for self-exploration and learning new writing skills.

2. Painting

Painting lets the mind relax and create something beautiful while relieving stress. Going with the flow of painting clears thoughts and refreshes the mind to work on assignments later. The colours blue, white, and purple are soothing and calming. Looking at these colours offers peace and balance when people are stressed out, lowering stress and anxiety.

NAIT has the Collaborative Art Project with Madeline Leblanc on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023, where students can join in on a collaborative art project to celebrate Black History Month. Paint Night at Nest Eatery will be on Thursday, March. 9, 2023, so students can release stress while painting.

3. Exercise

Exercise is essential for self-care and managing anxiety. Taking a break to go for a walk, yoga class, lift weights or play a sport release muscle tension from sitting during class or working on homework. Relieving muscle tension lowers stress levels. Sarah Beth Yoga has many yoga classes to ease back pain, sore muscles, and stress relief.

NAIT has the Mind + Body Connect program to help students manage anxiety through fitness. One of the classes in this program is Total Body, a strength and cardio class offered every Thursday. Meditate at NAIT is offered on Tuesdays. It helps students gain perspective and clear their minds.

4. Listening to music

Listening to positive and uplifting music boosts energy and makes people happy. Listening to uplifting music in the morning can make the day cheerful. Happy Music has instrumental music to relax, work and study. A slower tempo quiets the mind and relaxes the muscles, making people feel soothed while reducing stress.

NAIT has Musical Trivia at Nest Eatery on Thursday, March. 2, 2023. It is a game for students interested in quizzing their knowledge about musicals.



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