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NAIT’s Student Association invites students to participate in Discovery Days

By Miriam Hassan on October 19, 2023

NAIT’s Student Association (NAITSA) is hosting the Discovery Days event from October 16-20. The event offers students a much-needed break from studying by providing different events to participate in.

“The primary purpose of Discovery Days is to help students figure out where all of the services are available to them and what those services are,” says Travis Luscombe, Vice President Internal, NAITSA.

Discovery Days will host academic and entertaining events where students can learn about the services offered and relax before exams. Planned events include tutoring sessions, therapy dogs, and a scavenger hunt hosted by different NAIT and NAITSA departments.

“We wanted it to be different than what had happened previously while keeping the most valuable aspects,” says Travis Luscombe, Vice President Internal, NAITSA.

The event happens each semester, with NAITSA catering it to fit the student’s academic needs while providing entertaining aspects. The event will also happen in the Winter semester and will feature similar and different events.



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