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In Photos: NAIT’s 2023 Jill Of All Trades event

By Aivree Irvine on December 7, 2023

The Jill Of All Trades event is hosted at NAIT to introduce young women in high school to the world of trades and the possible careers available to them. They had the opportunity to connect with mentors and other women who currently work in the trades and do some hands-on learning to discover a trade they can pursue.

Some of the hands-on workshops that were available were:

  • Manufacturing, fabrication, and maintenance
  • Construction
  • Electrical installations
  • Industrial automation and design
These banners were set up in the halls of NAIT to inform students about the different available trades.
High school girls got to try out Carpentry for the first time at the Jill of All Trades event.
Their carpentry work involved using screwdrivers, safety goggles, and hammers.
Mentors helped students work together to construct a structure at the Jill of All Trades event.
These were the structures the students got to make at the event.
These high school students got to pose in front of the structure they built together while also posing with the pink panther mascot from the PINK Next Gen Fiberglas insulation.
A high school student, a part of the Jill of All Trades event, tries a Glazier’s work for the first time.
The young women of the Jill of All Trades event got to make glass Inukshuk when trying out glazing.
Students got to try heavy-duty machinery simulations, giving them a more hands-on experience.
Different trade companies had booths set up for students to look at and see what they offered and little souvenirs for them to take home.
This is the company Wajax’s booth, where they let students take home stress ball helmets and pens as souvenirs.
An auto body technician booth was set up with powder-coating paint for students to learn how to paint car parts.
This mini curling table made out of real ice was found at the trades table for a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic (RACM).



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