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Why you should join a basketball team

By Admin User on June 6, 2019

A ball is thrown up with the intention of falling inside a basket. In its most basic sense, this is what basketball is. Starting off as an indoor running exercise, it has evolved into a competitive 5 on 5 game.

Card, party and board games are a lot of fun! Playing a game against those relatively close in skill or even better and then winning is one of the greatest feelings in the world especially when working together with friends to do it. Basketball is all about teamwork and unlike the games mentioned before it includes athletics as well.

With only a couple of ways to put a ball through the hoop and being limited with movements when with the ball, it makes for an exciting game with strategizing being a huge part. Players must constantly consider their movements and their teammates and rely on them. Basketball teams create bonds that can’t be made anywhere else. Being on a basketball team is being a part of something bigger than yourself whether it’s varsity or community.

Even when players with no experience with the sport join a team, they can evolve into a great player through the help of coaches, teammates and a little bit of hard work. Basketball is a sport that can help push people out of their shell as well, forcing communication between teammates.

The friendships I’ve made through basketball are irreplaceable, just like the memories on and off the court. Especially going to a restaurant after winning a big game to celebrate and eventually getting kicked out for being too rowdy.

Friendship, socializing, fun and more. That’s why it’s worth joining a basketball team.



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