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Why public transit to NAIT needs to improve

By Admin User on March 10, 2020

NAIT is one of the most accessible schools in Edmonton. With multiple buses to and from the school, along with the LRT platform, there are many ways for students to reach campus.

However, there is a problem with the public transit system that needs to be addressed in order to facilitate the arrival of students from further away from the school.

As a NAIT student who lives in the Millwoods area, I spend anywhere from 40 to 70 minutes on the bus each way. This is equivalent to two hours each day spent on the road. Over the course of a school week, that’s 10 hours that could be spent in a more effective manner.

Of course, there’s an obvious solution to this problem, just take the train. While this seems like an easy fix, the train has its own share of problems.

There is no LRT station anywhere close to my house, which means that taking the train still includes a lengthy bus ride from the Southgate bus station.

Despite my best efforts, the length of time spent on the bus has caused me to be late numerous times, which inconveniences both myself, as well as my instructors and fellow classmates.

I believe a possible fix would be to create a school special that runs between Millwoods Town Centre and NAIT, that would only stop at major bus stops, such as Millgate and Grant MacEwan.

This bus would run for students of both NAIT and Grant MacEwan who live further away from the school to make it easier to be on time, and spend less time on the bus over the course of the year.



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