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Top 3 local budget-friendly western boutiques

By karis Jorgensen on September 26, 2023

Western fashion and the country girl aesthetic have blown up on social media with looks like “coastal cowgirl” and the “Miley Cyrus summer.” But where can you find this fashion and stay budget-friendly? Well, these are the top three local budget-friendly western boutiques. Each boutique has a different take on Western wear while staying reasonably priced and trendy.

Be 90 Boutique

1) @be90boutique is local to Edmonton and an online go-to for me. Focusing more on the “fashion forward” items of Western clothing and accessories, things like blouses, shakets, dresses and pants. Each item can be worn every day but looks best dressed up for any concert or rodeo you attend. The owner also has accessories to spice up any outfit with classic “costume jewelry” such as turquoise and statement pieces.

Ally’s Chic Boutique

2) This next boutique is the best for comfort clothing with a Western spin. @allyschicboutique does a lot of print-on designs for the cozy everyday sweatshirts and hoodies you love. This online boutique is based out of Red Deer but can be shopped online Canada-wide, and the items are a great way to be comfortable and casual while staying true to your Western roots. Recently Ally’s Chic Boutique has been expanding into more statement pieces like this jacket.

Blazing B Boutique

3) Last but not least is @blazingbboutique, this small business is new and off to an amazing start. She focuses more on rustic and classic prints, keeping a neutral colour scheme throughout most of her designs and patterns. The vintage prints are added to modern-day accessories and shirts giving that classic punchy look for any cowgirl. Each item has great versatility and unique qualities.

Shopping western can be tricky, even though the old style has gained a new crowd through social media the day-to-day western vibe can be hard to find in just any local store, but by shopping at each of these boutiques you’re supporting locals and gaining a new outlook on a trendy western style.



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