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Tips for running a group YouTube channel

By Admin User on April 9, 2020

I have been running a group YouTube channel for the past four years. In this journey, I have learned a lot and have some tips for any group of friends wanting to start a youtube channel. I think that these tips could help any group with starting to maintaining it.

Know what content you want to make

Your group needs to agree on the content your group will make. Make it easy like a family vlog channel or a group gaming channel like mine. A group beauty channel or a group lgbt2q channel. Whatever your choice is to make sure everyone is okay with it.

Make roles in the group

Making roles in your group is important and will help be organized in the future. I would recommend a dual role system, each person has two roles off camera. I would say video editor should be paired up with the tittle maker or scheduler. Having someone as a leader would help but don’t take to much power because it is a group channel and everyone should have an equal say. Other roles could include someone doing tags and descriptions. if you need a scriptwriter then that should also be a job. Make it clear on who has what jobs.

Name the channel something unique

My channel had this problem and named the channel Bouncy Castle Studios. Then we changed to Bouncy Castle Gaming. With both names, we were being buried by all the bouncy castle content on youtube. So we rebranded to BC Online and we grew 15 subscribers in under 2 months and have been seeing our best year for numbers. Google your names to see if the names are taken.

BC Online YouTube channel art

Keep a consistent upload schedule

This is the most important of them all. staying consistent with your uploads. Your audience will get use to your upload times and will tune in to your videos when they come out. They will make you apart of their day.

Now with this knowledge go and get your friends and make the youtube channel you have always wanted with your friends



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