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Three Edmonton shoe stores on the rise

By Admin User on March 2, 2022

You’re stepping out the door, what’s the first thing you put on? If it’s shoes then you aren’t alone. However, shoes have evolved into more than just covering your feet. Whether it’s $50 or $500, the market’s become so lucrative that shoes are becoming hard to obtain. Edmonton has you covered though as these are the top three consignment stores to check out.


First on the list is From Another, located on 10444 82 Ave. Considered the first reseller store for sneakers in Edmonton, they’ve expanded to other products. Here you can also find vintage clothing, street wear, and even trading cards. They even host special items every weekend dubbed “From Another Flea”. This is where you can find multiple vendors selling a wider variety of vintage items every Saturday and Sunday.


Just across the street and a bit off to the side is The Come Up at 10359 82Ave. While From Another is located in the upstairs part of the building, The Come Up takes you downstairs, as if you were going into your own basement. Old video game consoles, VHS tapes, and even a cut-out of Michael Jordan make this place stand out. Consider checking this fairly new store out, even for a date!


Being the first to do it on such a large scale, ABco is located in West Edmonton Mall. Shoes litter the shelves of the store and it’s bright lights are sure to catch your eye. There’s even an arcade machine that tests your skill, where you can win a free pair of sneakers. Be sure to check them out on their Instagram as they’ve been really active as of late, even doing live streams for giveaways.


These are just the top three as of right now. With the sneaker market projecting to grow even larger year by year, you can expect to see more stores like these soon. Who knows, maybe one will be in your neighborhood!



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