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The secret ingredients to having fun at NAIT

By Sam Willness on April 24, 2024

By Sam Willness

Many people call their time at a post-secondary school the time of their lives. Many wish they could go back and live it all over again.

However, people wonder, especially if They’re just starting their first semester at NAIT, what is going to make this the best period in my life? There are only three things you need to answer this question.

  • Classes
  • Clubs and Events
  • People

It’s that simple. There isn’t some special formula to follow or a fun potion you take that makes everything more memorable. Every bit of fun you will have during your time at NAIT will include at least one of these three essential things.


Let’s start off with classes. you picked the course, so it’s going to teach you things you’re actually interested in.

Whether it’s changing pistons in an engine, assembling a complex code for a computer, or simply learning how to produce a TV show. It’s your choice that will make it fun and shape the future for you.

Clubs and events

The next ingredient extra extracurriculars is also fairly simple, find clubs you’re interested in and be a part of NAIT’s diverse community.

If you just go to classes and go home you’re only scratching the surface of how your time at NAIT can be fun. Clubs and school events can make your life at NAIT a blast like the Last Class Bash on May 1st.

But there is still one last thing that takes everything and makes it the most memorable part of your life.


The people that you will meet at NAIT will change your whole experience for the better.

The friends you make, the professors that teach you, and the things that happen with those people are what make NAIT so much fun. Sure classes are fun to attend but they are a million times better when you have a professor you enjoy teaching you.

Clubs and school events are cool but having a group of friends to enjoy them with really puts the icing on the cake. So don’t be afraid to spread your wings and get to know your classmates, because you’ll make longtime friends, and remember them for longer.

So now you know why your time at NAIT will be a blast, how you make it fun is up to you, so head to your classes and get excited.



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