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The perks of NAIT life

By Austin Steinhauer on April 24, 2024

Deciding to enroll in any post-secondary school can be terrifying. Between the overwhelming amount of programs and schools, the money it’ll cost, or just going back in general, it’s a lot. You might want to do it all yourself and that’s great! Thankfully you don’t have to do it by yourself if you don’t want to. 

I know I tried at the beginning of my post-secondary career before realizing I was in the wrong program and needed some help. I used the counselling services offered by NAIT and they helped me find the program I love to be in.

NAIT has so many perks and benefits for new and continuing students! This list won’t even cover it all:

  • Student health and well-being: – An absolute top priority at NAIT. Offering services from counselling to student health and dental plans, peer support, and religion and spirituality rooms. NAIT wants to help ensure you are the best you, and the best student, you can be.

  • Job Opportunities: – NAIT wants to see you succeed just as much as you do, from career advisement to building your network and promoting job postings. With in-person and online options, NAIT will help you find the solution you’re looking for.

  • Financial Aid: – Unfortunately, money and finances are a large and stressful part of everyday life. NAIT offers resources to help relieve the financial burden of post-secondary, with a multitude of scholarships and bursaries, grants, and loans, along with student aid. If you need help, you can find it here.

  • NAITSA: – NAIT Students’ Association, whose mission is to enhance the NAIT student experience. Providing opportunities for students to enjoy many perks like free food and entertainment, hosting social events to help alleviate the fear of socializing, and answering any questions you may have. NAITSA wants to help make your time at NAIT the best it can be while ensuring your rights as a student are respected.

  • Campus groups and clubs: – Finally for this list, the many groups and clubs NAIT has to offer. With the International and Intercultural Community Centre for help adjusting to life in Canada, the student-organized Pride at NAIT for all members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community to many NAITSA-run clubs, find the group that is right for you.

Whether it’s day one or day 100, these perks never expire. Explore for yourself and be the best Ook you can be.



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