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The Game Awards category I’m most excited for

By Admin User on November 29, 2022

With The Game Awards coming on December 8th, one award stands out for someone like me. The Innovation in Accessibility award has been a great wake-up call for an industry. They’re still finding its footing for those unable to enjoy one of the largest entertainment mediums. This award has only been around for two years. With its effect on the industry felt more each year.

Why it matters to me

Like many others, I rely on options that were only available with third-party programs due to the distinct lack of options for visual feedback. Being gatekept by factors beyond your control is one of the most frustrating experiences when trying to pick up a new game. I still struggle with team-based games or puzzles involving colour.

Games have come a long way from colour filters and HUD size-increasing options. Almost all Game Awards nominees in this category boast something new. Much more subtitle access and customization. Visual and navigation aid to those struggling with navigation and controller use. Each choice nominated this year moves past the basics and into much more inclusive and innovative options.

The standout star

The standout star is the visual and sound aids brought in from Last of Us Part I. Naughty Dog shows how far you can push the accessibility of a game with such a rich menu for players of all kinds. Naughty Dog already won the award previously for Innovation in Accessibility. They gave a grand suite of options never seen before.

When the award was won, I like many others, have been watched the evolution of accessibility innovations. 2021 saw Forza Horizon 5 with next-level technology allowing for a real-time sign language presenter for the hearing impaired.

This year holds strong signs of more people able to play with the helping hands of developers willing to listen. Shinning a bright light on a problem I and many others have dealt with for so long. I look forwards to seeing how this award encourages the next year of innovations. If you are wondering who my vote goes to, The Last of Us Part I.



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