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The best in NAIT student life

By Ben Thomson on April 24, 2024

Being a NAIT student for a semester now, I’ve gotten to experience what the college life is and can say I have a lot to take away from it. Have you ever felt like you’re learning useless information? Not getting enough practice on the skills you want to learn for your career? These topics were things I thankfully didn’t have to worry about while being a student at NAIT, now let’s talk about it.

Hands-on Work

NAIT excels at giving their students the opportunity to simulate and use their skills before heading out into the real world. Choosing to go to NAIT gives you an opportunity that you won’t get anywhere else. Knowing you are going to school to actually get practice on what you want to learn, instead of just taking notes from a power point helps you learn and keeps you excited and motivated.

Connections With Students

The connections you get to make throughout the community of NAIT is beyond valuable for your future. NAITSA provides multiple different opportunities for you such as clubs, activities and events. This allows you the possibility to foster connections as friends and possibly colleges and employers. 

While some people may have their concerns about college, NAIT has made their students its top priority in doing what’s best for them. By giving students hands-on work and allowing students to spend time with each other to build connections, NAIT is allowing students to reach their maximum potential.



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