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The annual event guitar players won’t want to miss

By Admin User on October 19, 2022

The Edmonton Guitar Show is a yearly event that houses some of the top retailers and manufacturers from around the country. Here guitar enthusiasts can buy, trade, and auction new, old, and custom guitars. The Guitar Show is run by Amplify Digital Marketing and has been going since 2015. This year’s October 2 show marks the first return since 2019.

What can eventgoers expect to see?

The Edmonton Guitar Show has every type of guitar from vendors all over the country, from low-level beginners to master-level axes. Among the many brands available for sale, the more popular ones that showgoers can find include Fender, Gibson, ESP, Jackson, and Epiphone, as well as handmade customs.

The Custom Guitars

The custom guitars are a large portion of the show’s attraction and for a good reason. This year guitars are made with clear acrylic, carved wood pieces, and guitars with upside-down bodies. These are sold by luthiers and custom shops that make each by hand, allowing for easy customization.

The New and Old

Another big attraction of the Guitar is the New and old guitars. Many new prototypes get showcased with pre-orders, such as guitars with nine strings and no headstock. Meanwhile, vintage guitars dating back to the 1950s are available for auction and sell to the highest bidder.

Additional Information

For additional information on past and future events, be sure to check the Canadian Guitar Show website



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