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Student life at NAIT: ETS tips for new international students.

By Admin User on March 10, 2020

Most seasoned Edmontonians take their access and knowledge of the ETS train and bus systems for granted. For those new to the city and to NAIT, it can be quite confusing. There’s a lot of little tricks that you will need to know if you want to become a seasoned ETS veteran.

  1. PLAN AHEAD! While both the trains and buses seem convenient, you need to be mindful of where everything goes. Different buses have different routes, and sometimes you might need to transfer from one to another. As well as that, there are both “Metro” and “Capital” line trains, which fork away from each other near the end. Make sure you have a plan for where you need to go.
  2. MIND CHANGES! Often, there will be maintenance and upgrades needed to different trains, buses, and/or their stations. Keep an eye out for coloured posters and online notices. These will let you know on what days and times the vehicles will be out of service. You may need to plan around this so that you don’t suddenly get stranded. 
  3. PAY YOUR FARES! Make sure that you always pay your fares, or have a plan. The fine for being in a proof-of-payment zone without adequate proof is $250. This means that if you’re waiting for a friend on the train, you are not allowed on the platform unless you’ve paid a fare as well. At the same time, keep track of when your fare is valid for. You do not want to be caught with an expired permit.
  4. BE THOUGHTFUL! You are not the only one who is taking public transit. If you see a pregnant lady or elderly person, do offer your seat if there’s none available. If things are crowded, avoid unnecessary bumping or shoving people around. You are still in public, so you should be on your best behaviour. Be mindful of others, and they will be mindful of you.



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