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Strange Statues that are must-sees in Alberta

By Admin User on October 21, 2022

For some strange reason, Alberta has some of the most uniquely exciting and obscure statues/monuments. Here are just a few of them that are definitely worth a trip out for a picture!

1. Talus Dome, Edmonton

Completed in 2012, the Talus Dome, located beside Quesnell Bridge and Fox Drive, is a staple of the Whitemud. The silver spheres have been met with criticism from Edmontonians due to the price it took to commission them. but if you’re on a walk in the area, the art project offers a beautiful photo opportunity down by the great North Saskatchewan River.

2. Cheeto Statue, Cheadle

Yes, a 17-foot-tall statue of a Cheeto being held by orange-dusted fingers. We can’t make this up if we wanted to. The Cheeto brand itself built the statue in the small Albertan hamlet because of the resemblance of the town’s name and the orange dust, which they have officially named “Cheetle”. Unfortunately, however, the statue won’t be staying in place for long, as on November 4th it will begin traveling to other locations in Canada. Catch it while you can!

3. World’s Largest Sausage, Mundare

A small town about an hour and forty-five minutes east of Edmonton is the home of the 42-foot sausage statue that honours the sausage factory in the town famous for its kobasa. Who doesn’t want to say they got a picture with the world’s largest sausage? (Or maybe Alberta’s weirdest statue.)



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