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Stay in touch with your class over the summer

By Bronson Kashino on April 24, 2024

Some people get lunch or coffee together. Others stay and chat in the classroom. My classmates created rituals like these almost immediately.

They invited me along sometimes. Peer pressure works on me. Now I buy overpriced coffee every day.

It’s a ritual.

Rituals make everyday actions symbolic. Buying a daily coffee with friends becomes a gesture of camaraderie.

Summer break starts at the end of the week. You won’t have the luxury of spending five days a week with your classmates. You need a ritual for the summer.

Weekly coffee

I love overpriced coffee. Your friends do too. It’s a great excuse to leave the house and get together. Pick a spot that everyone knows, but make sure it’s relatively quiet. You’re getting together to keep in touch, not shout over music.

Scheduling is hard. Maybe it slips your mind one week. Pick a day that everyone regularly has available. Set up a recurring event on Google Calendar and send invites to everyone, that way everyone gets an automatic reminder.

Pub trivia

Maybe you go for the drinks. Maybe you go to show off your encyclopedic knowledge of Home Alone. A weekly pub trivia night is a great reason to get together with your friends.

There are plenty of options in Edmonton. Plus, no one has to put up their home to host.

Game night

I get it. The bar makes you anxious. You’d rather stay home. You’re the perfect candidate for a weekly game night.

Bring your friends together from the comfort of your own home. Each person can bring a new game every week to keep it fresh.

Consider Dungeons & Dragons if you don’t want to buy new games. Everyone can get together remotely using a virtual tabletop like Roll20 if your friends live far away.

An instructor told me the connections I make at NAIT are as important as the skills I learn here. It’s true for you, no matter what program you’re in. The people you get coffee with now might get you a job later.



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