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Ooks Volleyball and Basketball takeaways from regular season

By Admin User on March 3, 2022

There were lots of close games this season for the Ooks volleyball and basketball teams. The post-season is now on our doorstep. Here are a few takeaways from the Ooks regular season.

First off, not all the teams made playoffs. The women’s volleyball team did not make the playoffs as they ended up in last place. The men’s and women’s basketball teams did make playoffs. And the men’s volleyball team placed first in the conference.

The women’s basketball team coached by Todd Warnick is a defense heavy team. Warnick likes to run full-court pressure consistently on any opposing team. The cherry on top of the cake is Hallie Watt, the starting forward. Watt records around 2.6 blocks per game for league best by far. Helping the women’s basketball team to record 4.7 blocks per game, also the league best.

For the men’s basketball team, we are well-rounded. The team not being particularly the best in anything, except for when we have our 3-point shooting going for us. We have a couple of sharpshooters in Vishal Dhillon and Stian Gleddie. When they get hot, who knows when the 3Pt shooting will end.

The women’s volleyball team had a tough season, not winning many games and not making playoffs. I will remain a bit more optimistic for next season as there is room for improvement. These women have what it takes to learn more and get more rounded out for next season.

Finally, the men’s volleyball team. This team is very entertaining to watch, especially when you like the sound of spikes hitting the floor. There isn’t much this team is bad at and in fact ranked third in the country according to “Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association.” Without spoiling too much about the team, we have accuracy, energy and wisdom for volleyball and you should find out for yourself.

The Ooks put in a lot of hard work this season, show your support and attend a game if you get the chance.



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