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NAITSA makes NAIT student life shine

By Taylor Winnie Hughes on April 24, 2024

Student life is incredibly expensive. The money you put towards being a student at NAIT is spent on more than just tuition, though. Part of NAIT’s fees go towards NAITSA, which is the student association. This is the perfect time to recall some of NAITSA’s greatest contributions to student life from this semester and imagine what they might do in the future.

  • Clubs. Are you looking to make connections? NAITSA oversees the clubs on campus. You can’t go wrong with so many options to choose from. There are clubs for cultural unity and appreciation, table top games, video games and even an adventure club. Holi at NAIT was fantastic this year thanks to the Punjab club with free samosas and dancing, and the Ooks Esports club often plays video games in the South Lobby on Wednesdays. The joy shared amongst the students is something you can enjoy without participating in the club activities.

  • Free events. You love free food. NAITSA hosts many free events throughout the year and there is almost always free food. This semester has offered free popcorn, snacks and mac and cheese with buffalo chicken. Not every free NAITSA event is food centred. Some events involve dogs. NAITSA often brings dogs into their office in the O building. The best event is possibly one that combines free food and dog petting with their “FREE Ice Cream with NAITSA PAWSS Dogs!” event. It is hosted during the spring semester and the first date you can enjoy this event this year is May 8th. You should try Dirty Bingo at the Nest if you want something a little more “adult feeling.”

  • Paid events. Some of the best things in life are hidden behind a paywall. This also rings true for NAITSA. Their events are still always affordable. Several events this semester cost only $10. Most notable were the candle making class where you take your three candles home and three hours of cooking lessons with Sorrentino’s.

Student life can be expensive and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can go out and have fun, make friends and learn new skills. Your mom will really enjoy getting a candle as a gift from her favourite child. Just don’t tell her you kept the better two for yourself.



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