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Mature student enjoying smaller class sizes at NAIT

By Paul D Mercier on April 24, 2024

Smaller class sizes.

This is my favourite part of “NAIT Student Life” which I discovered in my first semester.

Student life

Some people enjoy being just a face in the crowd.

They find ways to disappear in large groups.

I am not this person.

Here is my confession:

  • I am not shy in crowds.
  • I enjoy finding common-minded groups of people.
  • I don’t enjoy being anonymous in a roomful of people.

“Smaller sea, bigger fish.”

The first impression I got from attending courses at NAIT was the smaller number of students in our classes. This means I get to know many of my classmates one-on-one. Working in small groups means we can learn from each other’s strengths and challenges.

A path to success

We get to support each other to achieve common goals. This gives us an opportunity for genuine collegiality. In our classes, we cheer each other onward to succeed! Our instructors emphasize and encourage that..

Comparisons from the past

everyone who shows up

and is willing to put in the work

has a good opportunity to make it through.

There were different experiences in my student life and work life throughout my adult years.

There have been several experiences where I was promised help from leadership or instructors.

Far too often I experienced trite “lip service” with little action to match the pledge.

Retail work bosses pledging to be “all in this together.”

Professors who rarely had office time outside of the classroom.

However, my time at NAIT is

refreshingly different.

Every one of my instructors in this first semester in my return to the classroom has been available.

They advised, coached and encouraged me to work through obstacles and personal setbacks.

I might yet make it!
I am approaching the final week of this first semester and I am optimistic.

I am determined to see this through with my best efforts.

This wouldn’t have happened in a classroom experience of 100 or more students.

I am hopeful.  And I am thankful.



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