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How to trim your false lashes

By Admin User on April 9, 2020

Most false lashes come extra long for a reason. Companies want to make sure their lashes fit everyone and every eye shape so to make sure they fit you, you’ll need to trim them. First, you’ll need a few things;

  • Lashes (I’m using Lilly Lashes in Mykonos available at Sephora)
  • Lash scissors 
  • Tweezers (optional) 

You’ll need to carefully remove the lashes. Use your thumb and press down gently on the lash band to remove them from the package. Try to keep your lashes in the same spot when putting them back in their package as they’re designed to be left and right and when you cut them they will likely be different lengths for each eye.

Once you get them out of the package hold them up to your eye with your hand or tweezers. You want the lash band to start right where your eyelashes start at the corner of your eye. 

You want the band of the lash to go to the end of your eyelashes on the other corner of your eye. You’ll probably notice that the band is a little bit too long for that if it isn’t you’re all done this step. If it is too long, pinch where the lash band meets the end of your eyelashes, for easy trimming which I’ll describe later.

Pull the false lash away from your eye while still pinching where you were, grab your lash scissors and trim where you’re pinching. Try to make little cuts in the false lash because if you make a mistake you can’t get that length back.

Repeat with the other side. If the two false lashes do not match perfectly don’t panic. Our eyes can be different shapes and sizes, it’s very normal. 

Now, you’re ready to apply your false lashes. Here’s a quick tutorial on that. 



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