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How to take your photography from lame to fame

By Admin User on June 6, 2019

Anyone can take a pretty nice looking photo in this age of crazy smart smartphones. If you want to take photos that are more than pretty nice though here are a few easy things you can do to improve your shots.

Buy a camera

As previously stated phones these days are pretty crazy for photography. If you’re serious though, you should definitely invest in a DSLR or Mirrorless camera – you can find many for under $400. Having one of these cameras can give you a lot more options in your photography. ​If purchasing your own camera isn’t possible don’t worry, many of the other tips in this list can apply for your phone photos too.

Watch your composition/framing

No matter what you’re taking a picture of the composition can make or break the photo. Photos of people should not cut off parts of them, nor should they have too much headroom. Learning what the rule of thirds is and how to use it is the most important thing to remember for a great composition.

Consider unique angles

If you’re shooting something that’s been photographed 100 times get creative with it. Capturing something from an angle that no one has seen before will set you apart from the rest.

Learn to shoot on manual and expose your shot properly

Learning how to manually use your camera will allow you to adjust your exposure with your ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Each of these variables can be adjusted to make your photo look almost exactly how you have planned in your head.

A photo with a low shutter speed, allowing motion blur

Edit your photos

Using a photo editor app to adjust your photos can be a great tool to bring the vision you have for a photo to life. If you’re able to spend money I recommend Adobe Lightroom. If not, the social media app VSCO has plenty of great filters and tools to adjust lighting, colours and other things in your photos.

Edited in Adobe Lightroom

Remember that photography is an art, these technical tips are to help bring attention to the content or subject of the photo. Above all else, practice.



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