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How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

By Admin User on October 5, 2022

We all know how important first impressions are, and your Instagram feed is no different. When someone clicks on your profile, you have about 3 seconds to capture their attention and give them a reason to stick around. If your feed looks messy, unorganized, and filled with low-quality pictures, most people will just close your page and continue on down the scroll hole somewhere else. 

If your page lacks some cohesion and spice, it’s time for a glow-up. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Establish your vibe and niche

One of the very first things you should do when planning your feed is decide what vibe and niche you want to stick to. For example, do you want to post content around fashion, food, travel, or parenting tips? Do you want your feed to look light/airy, earthy, contain neutral tones, or be very colourful? Once you have found your niche and a general vibe, the rest will fall into place much easier.

2. Stick to a colour pallet 

You will save yourself so much time in post-production if you stick to a colour pallet and pre-plan your outfits and locations around that. If your colour pallet is beige, brown, and white tones, try to wear those colours and take your pictures with a solid neutral background. This will help your feed feel cohesive before you even start editing.

3. Editing and filters

Believe me when I say presets are your best friend. The key to a cohesive feed is editing your pictures exactly the same, and presets allow you to do that. Natural feeds are in, so don’t overdo the filters, but make sure you add a little something, so everything looks pretty similar. 

4. Layout

 After you have edited your pictures, you will want to start visualizing how they’ll look next to each other. You want your feed to feel balanced and easy on the viewer’s eyes. If you have a busy photo, maybe consider posting it next to a more simplistic and minimalist picture, so your grid doesn’t look too crowded and overwhelming. 

Instagram is always evolving. If you want to get the best engagement and viewership on your profile, it’s important that you do too. These four simple steps will help attract others to your Instagram so you can get the results you’re looking for. 



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