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How easily navigable is Edmonton’s transit?

By Admin User on March 18, 2020

As someone who rides the train to class every day, Edmonton’s transit seems fairly straightforward. It is one train to get from the south side all the way to NAIT, and therefore it is difficult to go wrong. However, just how easily navigable is ETS if you are trying to get in and out of the city, and all around? In this blog I attempt to go as far as ETS will take me.

The first step is to take the LRT as far south as you can currently travel, which is Century Park. Here, the LRT station connects to the bus terminal, where there are other buses that take you further south inside the city. For example, the route 74, route 78, and route 79 will all take you through South Edmonton Common, and there are buses that go as far as Ellerslie, but you can actually go further. The route 747 will take you all the way to Edmonton International Airport.

The 747 is unlike other ETS buses, and is specially designed to carry passengers to the airport. For one thing, there is a luggage rack to place your bags. The bus itself is also equipped with free WiFi, so you can make send important communications on your way to the airport, stress free.

The bus departs from Century Park station and it travels through the city along the fastest route. You will be on Calgary Trail for a while, until it turns into the Queen Elizabeth II Highway going south. Eventually you arrive on the exit that takes you to the Edmonton International Airport, and you find yourself amazed that you can actually now travel the world simply by using public transit.

An ETS bus arrives at the Edmonton International Airport the same way other vehicles do.

Think about it, you could wake up one morning and decide to fly to Vancouver. You don’t need a vehicle either, you just pack your bags and you hop on the train to Century Park. From there, you take the 747 and you arrive at the Edmonton International Airport. When you get to Vancouver, there’s a SkyTrain that will take you downtown, and you did it all without driving a vehicle.

When I ask if Edmonton’s transit is easily navigable, I mean is it easy to understand. However, I also mean, is it easy to get places using just transit? It turns out that it really is!



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