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Hikes you need to go on this year.

By Admin User on March 8, 2021

Temperatures are rising and spring is around the corner. There is no better time to get outside and explore everything the province has to offer. I am a sucker for the mountains. A good hike gets your heart pumping and it can clear your head.

I am going to go list a couple of my favourite hikes that almost anyone can do. Some that you probably know and some that are my hidden gems that not a lot of people know about.

Chester Lake

Let me get the easy ones out of the way. Chester Lake is a super well-known trail. Located in a sub-section of Kananaskis provincial park Chester Lake Trail is a 9km hike through mostly flat terrain. The first 2 kilometers is a bit of a climb but plenty of switchbacks ensure that it never gets too steep. When you clear the tree cover you are welcomed by breathtaking panoramic views of several mountains. Mt.Chester being among the most prominent. This trail is well-traveled 12 months a year so you never need to worry about the trail disappearing on you even in the snow.

Chester Lake Photo Credit: Thomas Doucet

Jumping Pound Summit

Let me tell you a story that you will probably not believe. I was hiking in the middle of the week with my friend Aaron. He travels the world and has seen and done stuff most of us dream of. On this hike Aaron saw something for the first time ever. A guy flew his helicopter and landed on the side of the mountain and got out of the pilots seat with his mug of coffee.

Jumping Pound Trail Photo Credit: Thomas Doucet

This is not a difficult hike. It is only six kilometers long with a modest 400 meters of elevation gain. I was at a loss for words when I saw this happen but then I saw the view from the top of the ridge. This hike gives you a stunning 360-degree view. On the west side is the entirety of the Rockies. It is like an invitation to go and explore them. On the east, you see the rolling foothills. Trails winding around hill faces disappearing into pockets of trees. I will not pretend that this is the best view in western Canada but I will tell you this is by a wide margin the best view for the smallest amount of work. Think of it this way, someone chose to fly a private helicopter here for his morning coffee.

Jumping Pound Summit Photo Credit: Thomas Doucet

Ptarmigan Cirque

This trail has a secret. On most hiking apps and websites this is listed as a short four kilometer hike with just under 300 meters of elevation gain. While that is true this trail offers so much more. The officially marked out trek is a great one for families if you push a little further into the cove that this trail is located you will find another path. A path that leads you up to the summit of Little Arethusa.

Ptarmigan Cirque Photo Credit: Thomas Doucet

This trail is close to several other day hike locations. Pocaterra Ridge is another popular destination and well worth the trip. I am sure that you will find something to love at all of these locations. Nature has so much to offer and everyone should get out to enjoy it.



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