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Global News Edmonton journalist Carole Anne Devaney shares how she interacts on social media and gives contradictory advice for career starters 

By Fernanda Rocha on March 29, 2023

Carole Anne Devaney is a French Canadian from Ottawa who drove 39 hours across the country to Edmonton after accepting her current job. She is a co-anchor of Global News Hour at 6 p.m. and an anchor for Global News at 5 p.m. 

Devaney says that while she is curious and enjoys writing, she is less active on social media than she would like. Follow this chat with her.

Q1: Are you active on social media? 

When it comes to social media, my involvement comes in waves. Sometimes I post regularly; other times, I can go weeks without posting. I don’t feel any sort of pressure to grow my followers or to be constantly active. I don’t have time for that!

Q2: What are your favourites for interacting with your followers? 

I love interacting with followers about parenting struggles. When I share photos relating to the chaos of being a mom, that’s when I get the most interaction. I think the struggles that come with raising children and being a busy mom are very relatable topics for people.

Q3:  Which social networks do you use the most to get inspired and go after the news?

I use Instagram the most. Facebook is boring to me, and Twitter, I find, is a very negative space filled with trolls ready to pounce on you! Instagram is fun for checking out home design ideas and make-up tips and for keeping up with what my friends are doing.

Q4: Do you usually mix your personal and professional life (on social media)?

Yes! I’ll post behind-the-scenes photos from the Global studio and from our promotional shoots, and I’ll also post stuff about my personal life as a mom. It’s really a mix.

Q5: How does social media help you in your work as a journalist?

 I think it has helped make me more relatable/approachable as an anchor. Being on TV is very one-dimensional. People only see you looking professional and polished, but when they also see the other side of you, in sweatpants, complaining about your children, they know you’re just like them.

Q6: Since starting your career, have you noticed significant changes in how news is consumed on the Internet, especially social media?

Yes, of course. We get a lot of our news stories from social media now. It also lets us get real-time information (like from city hall or on an active fire) that we can quickly share with our viewers.

Q7: What advice do you have for those starting their journalism careers regarding using social media? 

Remember that as a journalist, you represent a larger brand, and you are a public ambassador. Always keep it classy and professional… and don’t give the trolls any ammo. Be genuine and authentic, but also don’t share your opinions, especially if they’re controversial. Sounds contradictory, I know!!

Carole Anne states that although knowing social media’s reach, she loves to write in diaries and has about 10 at home, where she documents her life, travels, and experiences. To follow Devaney on LinkedIn, click here. 



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