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Find your exam season fuel

By Avalina Zenari on April 24, 2024

Student life is hard, especially during the final push towards summer break. Final exams and assignments are stressful enough to keep you up at night. Caffeine will become your best friend as you move through the stages of your education and career, but never underestimate the importance of eating well. 


You need healthy foods to power your body and brain. Without proper nutrition, you’ll feel tired, emotionally imbalanced, weighed down, frustrated and unable to focus on what matters most. Protein and power walk hand in hand. Eating healthy is essential to your success this exam season and beyond. 


Your community wants to see you succeed. That’s why Eat at NAIT offers a diversity of convenient nutrition options that are accessible and affordable for all students which include:

  • Common Market 
  • Starbucks (Common Market & CAT locations)
  • Tim Hortons (CAT, Bytes & Shop at NAIT locations)
  • The Corner Store
  • Embers
  • Fresh Express
  • Create & Chef’s Table
  • Subway (Feltham Centre)
  • Nest Eatery & Bar


All of your food and drink needs are covered by the nutrition hot spots on campus. In my opinion, the amazing dining options available are definitely one of the best parts of NAIT student life. Grab an iced coffee, your study group and be productive. Summertime is almost here and soon you’ll have another semester under your belt.



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