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Edmonton Elks reveal new helmet design for upcoming season

By Admin User on March 17, 2022

The Edmonton Elks will don a different looking helmet than last season. The return to a similar logo will be seen in the upcoming season, as new helmets have been announced as of Thursday.

The new helmet design features the old “E-E” logo. The helmets worn this year will not contain antlers, like the helmets worn previously. The club wore the old “E-E” logo from 1965-2019. One benefit of moving back to the old logo is the restrengthening of the connection to previous members of the Elks community.

“The double E means so much to us, its about pride and its about hard work. It’s just what we brought going from city to city or even on game day. It was just the way we carried ourselves, because we knew we were representing the double E.” – Mookie Mitchell, Elks Alumni

After a year of poor results and disappointing attendance, the Elks believe regaining community involvement is a main priority moving forward.

“All of last year I got so many calls so many text messages, so many just conversations when I’m out in the community about bringing the double E back to the helmet.” – Mookie Mitchell, Elks Alumni

Many plans for more community engagement have already been rolled out, now being topped off with the helmet.

“The theme is history, community, fans and celebrating what we have here. The partnership with the golden bears, the 99 dollar ticket for the family pack and the helmet. You’re going to see more and more of that” – Victor Cui, Elks CEO

The Elks will wear the new helmets for the first time on June 3rd, when they take on the Stampeders.



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