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Eat great food at NAIT

By Josh Baines on April 18, 2024

Your student life can be stressful. New schedules to adapt to, friends and commutes to make.

One of the best parts of student life at NAIT which helps relieve the stressful day-to-day is the large number of choices for food available to students.

With high-quality food and drink of both take-out and traditional sit-down dining experiences. Students looking for familiar options to grab and go will be satisfied as the campus includes:

–          Tim Hortons in the CAT building, X building and W building

–          Starbucks in the CAT building, O building

–          Fresh Express in the U building

–          Subway in the CAT building

Students exploring the unique offerings here at NAIT will find themselves quickly rewarded.

For example, the Common Market, located in the O building offers freshly made easy to enjoy food such as pizza, subs and ever-delicious onion rings.

Students looking for a place to sit down with some classmates after class to unwind and have a drink can go to the Nest Eatery.

Located in the S building, the NAITSA-managed award-winning bar has been the source of memorable experiences and much-needed wind-downs for many students.

Highlights include their mushroom burger, deep-fried pickles, and apple pie shooters.

Yes, it does taste like apple pie. 

If you’re not a fan of the bar atmosphere and want something more formal students can go to Ernest’s.

Located in the U building, Ernest’s kitchens and dining room floor are ran by NAIT’s Culinary Arts students. Offering an affordable fine-dining experience with both their lunch and dinner menus.

If anything, you won’t have to worry about what you’re going to eat during your time at NAIT for those days you forget your sandwich at home.



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