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Discover 5 curiosities about the World Cup in Qatar

By Fernanda Rocha on November 29, 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup, which began last Sunday (20) in Qatar, is the twenty-second edition of this sporting event, an international men’s soccer tournament organized by the International Soccer Federation. In a World Cup, a unique union of different countries and costumes recalls the popular, democratic and, above all, plural character of soccer. But did you know that there are many curiosities around this Cup that many are unaware of?

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1 – Cup at the end of the year

Since the first edition, in 1930, in Uruguay, all World Cups have been held in the middle of the year. But in Qatar, summer takes place in the month the competition takes place, so the heat was decisive for the tournament to take place in winter, between November and December.

2 – Lusail City
From scratch, in the middle of the desert, the Qataris built the city of Lusail. With 38 km of extension and an investment of 45 billion dollars, the city is considered one of the most luxurious on the planet, located 15 km from the capital Doha.

3 – Sustainable stadium
The FIFA World Cup has the first collapsible stadium in history. The Ras Abu Aboud stadium is sustainable and made from recycled shipping containers.

4 – Arab World Cup
This World Cup is the first to be held in an Arab country. Thus, the only continent that has yet to host the competition is Oceania.

5 – Last World Cup in the traditional model
This competition is the last dispute between 32 countries. FIFA has already defined that the next edition of the tournament, which will take place in Mexico, the United States and Canada in 2026, will have 48 soccer teams.

For those who made it this far, a bonus curiosity; after 36 years, Canada is back in the World Cup.

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