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Creating new friends and memories at NAIT

By Logan Berekoff on April 24, 2024

While NAIT has many wonderful aspects, the best one is all the new faces you’ll meet. In the first week of school, several classmates and I went down to the Nest for a couple of drinks. We talked about where everyone was from and what our hopes and dreams for the future are. Before we all left that day, we created a group chat to talk and plan more events in the future. I didn’t expect to meet such great people so quickly and am looking forward to getting to know them even better. This could easily be a story talking about you!

While not everyone can become a “ride or die,” the connections you make here can help you get through tough times and will encourage your future successes. The people you are talking to today could become friends, colleagues or maybe even future employers. While making connections is great, it’s important to try to leave a lasting positive impact. These positive vibrations affect the people around you and help encourage them as well as yourself.

You could develop a friendly rivalry to help inspire you and your frenemy to both put out your best work. A fierce competition is a great way to to inspire not only yourself but others all around you. Of course, we can’t forget about all the group projects. Working together to combine your unique ideas and bringing all those different life experiences to the table. You never know, the person sitting in the row behind you could have a secret talent that they’ve been dying to show off and are just waiting for someone to ask.

I encourage you to reach out to your fellow classmates before the end of the spring semester and see if they want to meet up over the next few months before the fall semester arrives. There is still time to meet up at places like the Nest one last time before the final week is through. You never know what paths may open up for you.



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