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Changes for artists since COVID-19 began

By Admin User on November 6, 2020

Full story on how the arts have changed for performers since COVID-19

The show must go on is a phrase you hear regularly when talking about theatre but how far are artists willing to take it?

Artists have had to adapt the way they perform and showcase their talents. Singers at indoor live performances are being asked to wear masks and bring their own microphones to avoid as much contact with others as possible.

Dancers are being asked to wear masks while performing and are having to change and adapt the way they dance and choreograph to keep everyone six feet apart at all times.

Stage plays are being changed to have characters on stage wearing masks and are challenged to find ways to incorporate these new additions into the play and make it seem normal; even though clearly it isn’t.

Many artists are stepping away from the stage to focus on the technical aspects of their performance and are working on bettering themselves and their talents.

Also some artists are stepping away from the physical stage and moving to a digital one. Doing live-streamed concerts on Instagram and Facebook or focusing on releasing new music.

Artists have changed and adapted in so many ways to continue doing what they love even in uncertain times like this. For all the rules and regulations for performers click here.



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