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A uniting community at NAIT

By Jacob Rich on April 24, 2024

As my first year at NAIT comes to an end next week I would like to highlight the amount of positivity I’ve experienced as a student here. Throughout my year at NAIT I have noticed how passionate each instructor has been to see their students thrive in every way. With that being said, most of my fellow students have been the same. Group projects have always been easy-flowing for me and very friendly, my classmates have always been able to lend a hand whenever I needed it and I think that is a big part of what the NAIT wants their students to embrace. These values will last a lifetime and will be passed on too many others.

A great example of this was demonstrated by myself and many other students in the Radio and Television program. The first semester students were participating in their street teaming campaigns. In my group’s session this morning it was a very positive environment. Each student that we encountered was very friendly and had no trouble with giving us time out of their day. It also was a great opportunity to give fellow NAIT students a chance at a Nest gift card and an opportunity for them to explore the great facilities within the campus.

I think NAIT’s wide range of new students coming in from various environments may feel alone when they move from their small-town homes or even from homes across the globe. Starting a post-secondary program can only add onto the stress but I feel that all the staff and faculty at NAIT are very welcoming, kind, and are very happy to guide you into who you want to be. Providing a positive environment when you get to class does not seem like a job but more like a privilege. I cannot wait to come back in September to continue my education at NAIT.



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