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A Ranking of NAITSA Events I Attended Within the Past Month

By Kira Braucht on March 9, 2022

NAITSA’s Upcoming Events

Let’s face it, school can be busy! As a student, you don’t always have time during the day to do something fun. Every week, NAITSA offers events to give NAIT students a break from their studies. These events allow you to try a new activity or get some free Ooks Life merch. I was lucky enough to attend some of these events recently. This is a ranking of my top 5 favourite NAITSA Events that I attended over the past month.

5. Club Pop-up Table

At this event, NAIT Clubs talked about how to make your own club at school if you wish to. By following “NAITSA Clubs” on Instagram, you also got to choose a prize from their table.

4. NAITSA Spin the Wheel Prize Table

This cute little pop-up table outside of NAITSA’s office lets you spin a prize wheel. After following “Ooks Life” on Instagram, the NAITSA staff allowed you to turn the wheel, and you received the prize that the wheel landed on.

3. Pride Week Tie-Dye Shirt Event

I enjoyed this event, as it was a fast and fun activity to participate in at lunchtime. It let everyone express their creativity while tie-dying an Ooks Life T-shirt.

2. How to: Charcuterie

For this after-school event, you got to make a charcuterie board with all the supplies provided for just $10. A charcuterie board and a paring knife were also included! A NAIT chef showed everyone a few cutting techniques, like turning a strawberry into a rose. It was a fun and cheap way to make a board that you could enjoy alone or with friends.

1. Pride Week Drag Show 

One event for NAIT’s Pride Week was the annual pride drag show. It was an exciting way to spend the lunch break by enjoying drag queens’ dance and singing along to music. The final bonus to the event was a bag of free cotton candy after you signed in with your NAITSA event pass!



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