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A cheap way to clean your makeup brushes.

By Admin User on March 2, 2020

If you wear makeup you know makeup brush cleaner can be really expensive. So if you’re into DIY´s or prefer to make your own cleaning products all you need is some dish soap and olive oil.

Things needed:

-Dish soap

-Olive oil

Once you grab everything you will need to mix two parts of dish soap into two parts of olive oil.

Make sure to mix the dish soap and olive oil together really well until they blend together and start to bubble. This can take a few minutes of stirring to make sure they’re properly blended.

Next dip in your brushes or sponges. When cleaning your makeup brushes make sure to avoid the metal of the brush (feral) to make your makeup brushes last longer or they could get damaged. 

Make sure to rinse your brushes really well. If not you could break out after using your brush. 

The last step is to lay out your brushes on a towel or paper towel overnight to dry. 

And now you have squeaky clean brushes. 



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