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5 tips to help grow your YouTube channel

By Admin User on June 5, 2019

Many content creators use apps and websites as an outlet to share their work. For video creators specifically, YouTube tends to be the site to turn too. Although it’s an excellent opportunity for exposure, it can be challenging to grow your following to achieve that exposure. As someone who has regularly been posting on YouTube for nearly two years, I’ve discovered little tips and tricks that have helped my channel grow. Here are five things you can try to help grow your YouTube channel!

1. Post regularly

To improve your online presence, you need to ensure that you ARE present! People don’t want to follow a creator who posts once and is never to be seen again for months. Try to stick to an upload schedule to ensure your followers that you will provide them with content regularly. One to three videos a week is pretty standard for most YouTubers; however it’s vital to maintain quality. Don’t post more but with less effort into your content. If one video per two weeks will allow you to create the best content, then do that!

  1. Thumbnails + Titles

The first thing a viewer will see before watching your video is the thumbnail and title. Put some time into creating your thumbnail. Skim through your video to find an engaging frame to use as the thumbnail image. You can even pose for a thumbnail during the filming process to make things easier. You can then add things like titles, filters, emojis and more to create an eye-catching thumbnail! As for your title, try and explain your video in an exciting way by using only a few words. Some YouTubers write their titles in all capital letters to give it energy and excitement. However, that isn’t necessary to create an engaging title. Keep it simple and to the point, and ensure that it’s related to your video; nobody likes being click-baited!

  1. Share your work

By sharing your YouTube videos onto other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), you allow for more people to view your content. This also allows your followers on these different sites to share your video with their followers! The more the video is shared, the more it will grow.

  1. Build a community

The YouTube community is enormous and continually growing! There’s a large chunk of that community that are small channels looking to expand their following just like you. It’s essential to find and support these small channels because chances are you’ll get the same in return! Leave supportive comments, give their videos a like, and subscribe to one another to build a community. However, it’s important to not come across as “spam.” Try to avoid leaving comments such as “Great video! Would love it if you would check out my channel!” or “Just a small channel looking to support other small channels! Subscribe to me, and I’ll sub back!” Comments like these are not genuine. They are just trying to get attention and hopefully gain a follower. To make real connections and build a small channel community, leave honest and supportive comments regarding the video. Try not to mention yourself or your channel.

  1. Don’t give up!

Trying to grow your following online is a long and frustrating process. You could put in an immense amount of work, yet not receive the reactions you were hoping. There will be many discouraging times where you may think –“is it worth it?” But hard work pays off. Keep working hard at creating content and growing your online presence. Receiving even one comment from someone who appreciates your channel makes it all worthwhile!



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