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5 things I wish I knew before I got a bulldog

By Admin User on June 6, 2019

Let me start by saying I was never a “dog person” as a kid. Growing up, my family didn’t have a dog and I had a pervasive fear of them because I just didn’t understand what dogs were really like. However, for my sister’s high school graduation gift, she was dead-set on getting a bulldog.

@octoberthebully in summer 2015

Fast forward to summer 2015 and we were introduced to a wrinkly, little meatball-puppy that my sister named October; “Toby” for short. We learned a lot that summer about caring for a puppy, but also about some significant bulldog-related things that puppy blogs don’t always tell you.

Here are five things I wish I knew before getting a bulldog.

  1. Bulldog puppies need a lot of wiping. Yes, I said it. The build and shape of a bulldog’s body does not allow them to -ahem- clean themselves the way that other dogs can. This means you’ll be buying baby wipes in bulk! Every wrinkle needs daily cleaning to keep that puppy healthy and happy, and it is your job to do it!
  2. Bulldogs need a lot of exercise! One of the biggest problems with their reputation as a “lazy” or “chubby” breed is that irresponsible owners tend to under-exercise their dogs. These sweet babies need lots of walks too, and a lack of exercise can increase risk of health problems long term.
  3. They have sensitive spines and hips. Twisting, rolling over and quick turnarounds when playing fetch can cause injuries, as well as pushing down on their hips when training them to sit. Veterinarians often recommend icing and massaging muscles around their spines and hips after an aggressive play or a long walk.
  4. Bulldogs have a high pain threshold. They do not feel pain the same way other dogs do. Step on a foot by accident? Bonk on the head? They will barely feel it. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be extra aware of injuries they may have and take any limping or yelps VERY seriously.
  5. They will BOND with you. Bulldogs are a very emotional, sweet breed that will obsessively follow you around the house and cry when you leave. All they want to do is cuddle and snuggle you and they will do anything for cuddles and hugs. Make sure you carve out time every day to snuggle them and they will have long, happy lives!
Bulldogs are one of the most loving, affectionate breeds. Toby enjoys sitting in people’s laps.

While this may sound daunting, it is the most rewarding animal relationship I’ve ever experienced. with these things in mind, just enjoy the time you get with your dog, no matter what breed you have.



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