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5 of the easiest plants to take care of

By Admin User on October 16, 2020

Having an abundance of house plants has seemingly become more and more popular these days. With so many kinds of plants out there, how do you know which one to get?

I’ve been a plant mom for years but my obsession with plants has really grown since the pandemic. Not only did I start a new job in a garden centre but I also found that getting a new plant baby always makes me happy. Keeping a little green friend alive gives me a great sense of fulfillment.

Whether you’re an expert plant parent or just starting out, here are 5 of the easiest plants to care for.

Zebra Cactuses

Zebra cactus

These little guys are super cute, affordable and easy to take care of. They are known as a desk plant because of how easy it is to take care of them. They need water sparingly and love the sun. The best part about these plants is they will give you free plant babies called pups. Check near the base of the plant every once in a while to see if your plant is growing any pups.

Zebra cactuses that are thriving can also grow a long stem from the top and produce flowers or even a pup growing on the stem.

Ivy Plants

Ivy plant

Ivy plants are beautiful, low maintenance plants that come in different variations so you can feel okay about having a couple of these plants.

These plants do best in a hanging pot and their stems can be left to fall down or strung across a bar or other furniture in your house.

Water this plant only when the soil is bone dry especially in the warmer months. During the winter take a spray bottle to the leaves and stems on a regular basis.

This is a satisfying plant to watch grow as you can actually see the progress for all your hard work.

Air Plants

Air plants

These rootless plants look stunning and are super unique. They don’t need soil to survive and only have to be soaked in water for about 5-10 minutes a week. Alternatively you can take a spray bottle and give them a little spritz every couple of days.

As for how much sun they need, a bright room with indirect sunlight will suit them perfectly.



These are fast growing plants that produce white and pink flowers for nine months of the year. These guys love the sun and produce flowers when they are happy. Pink flowers are a lot rarer so make sure you are checking your plant often for a chance to see one.

Jasmine plants love to be trimmed to shape as they can get big and bushy very fast. Plants grown in lower light will produce more leaves while plants grown in full sun will produce more flowers.


Moon cactus

This list wouldn’t be complete without probably the easiest type of plant to care for. You only need to water these plants once a month as desert plants don’t need water often. If you can’t remember to water plants to save your life, cactuses can definitely survive longer, even if they’re a little thirsty.

These guys love the sun but don’t worry about winter time as cactuses go into a dormant state. These types of plants don’t grow very fast, but are a staple in any plant lover’s collection.



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