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30+ photo ideas for your Instagram

By Admin User on June 5, 2019

As someone who is obsessed with Instagram, I’m always looking for new photo ideas! To keep your feed looking good and fresh it’s important to have a variety of content. Here are 37 photo ideas to make every post different!

1. Selfie

It’s a classic! Let your followers get familiar with you by showing them a nice pic of your face.

2. Animals

Seriously, who doesn’t like a cute picture of an animal?

3. Outfit

Show off your unique style! You can get a friend to take a picture of your stylish fit, or even strike a pose in a full-length mirror.

4. Food

5. Travel photos

Whether you’re currently on vacation, or if you were three years ago, post your favourite travel picture!

6. Makeup look

The world needs to see how sister snatched you’re lookin’!

7. Nature

No filter needed when showcasing the beauty of nature.

8. City streets

9. Friends

We love our friends. Show some appreciation for them!

10. Polaroids

Polaroids, in my opinion, are the cutest little pictures you could ever take. Share them with the world! To make them really pop in a photo, lay them on a simple plain coloured surface. A wooden table or a light countertop works great!

11. Room decor

There’s always at least one piece of decor in your room that you’re obsessed with! Show your followers what that is.

12. Sunsets / Sunrises

13. Favourite book

14. Shoes

Wearing some cute kicks? Snap a picture of them! You can make this picture especially cute if you’re standing on some leaves, rocks, or bricks!

15. Plants

16. Ice cream

17. Hair

Let those luscious locks flow in the wind!

18. Candid

19. Coffee shop

20. Cute interiors

This could be in your house, a store, a restaurant, or anywhere really!

21. Jewelry

22. Nails

If you just spent $80 on an overly priced manicure, you best be showing it off!

23. Buildings

Personal faves: brick, legislature, apartments, skyscrapers.

24. Flowers

25. Festivals

26. Latte

They always seem to be the most visually appealing hot drink.

27. The beach

28. Bonfire

29. Fruit

Farmer’s Markets are the bomb for this.

30. Record Player

31. Art

32. Pumpkins

Add some colour to your timeline!

33. Tattoo

34. Murals

35. Mountains

36. Instruments

37. Fireworks

These are just some ideas to make your Instagram feed have a variety of photos! But there are so many more ideas out there. Keep your eyes open and your phone on hand, you never know where you might see your next Instagram photo!



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