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3 ways to handle isolation as a NAIT digital student

By Admin User on November 5, 2020

The life of a new full-time student isn’t easy. You’re in a new environment, surrounded by strangers, and being taught in a way that’s unfamiliar. These difficulties are compounded with the new reality of digital learning. It’s easy to feel alone and removed from your peers and instructors when you’ve never met face-to-face.

As a student at NAIT you have access to resources which will help you feel like a part of the campus community.

  1. NAITSA Ookslife:

NAITSA hosts regular events and activities that a NAIT student can take part in. These events will put you in contact with other NAIT students and help build lasting connections.

2. Create a class chat:

Many popular social media platforms have a group chat feature. Use options like Facebook messenger, Snapchat, or Discord to build relationships and discuss your class materials with your peers.

3. NAIT Peer Mentor Support Group:

NAIT has an excellent support group to help students who have feelings of isolation. The program pairs members with a peer mentor who can support their team through the navigation of NAIT life.

We may feel isolated at times in the COVID-19 world, but we’re not alone. Each and every NAIT student experiences the same social reality, and with these community-building tools, we can find our place at NAIT.



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