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3 tips for fantasy football playoffs

By Admin User on December 11, 2018

Tis’ the season they say! Not only Christmas but also fantasy football playoffs! With just two weeks remaining in the NFL regular season, a majority of fantasy leagues are now entering or are in the thick of playoffs.

But what will it take to separate you from the pesky opponents hoping to find victory in your bitter failure? Look no further fantasy fanatics than these three tips for playoffs.

  1. Always play the matchup– The easiest way to salvage points is also the most overlooked. Although Jared Goff may be a superior pivot to Jameis Winston, there’s a reason the Buccaneers QB put up an average of 17 more points than Goff in most leagues. One squared off against the Saints. One got throttled by Khalil Mack and a surging Bears defence.
  2. Don’t set it and forget it– Nothing is more painful in fantasy football than starting someone that isn’t actually playing that week. So even if a player is listed as active when you set your roster Thursday, they could become inactive right before Sunday kickoff. Always monitor your roster.
  3. History repeats itself (usually) – Although not always the case, some teams may be squaring off against the same opponent for the second time this season. Take a look back at the production the player had last time they faced that team and use that as judgement whether you should sit them or start them.

No one knows if Todd Gurley is going to decide to pull up and get tackled at the one-yard line just to waste time off the clock! Fantasy football is all about attempting to predict the unpredictable. But use these three tips to ensure you have done all you can to rally a W.

After that, it’s all in the player’s hands! (Please don’t mess this up)



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