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3 reasons to try frisbee golf this summer

By Admin User on June 6, 2019

As the sun begins to shine and the snow starts to melt, summers plans are already being formed in anticipation of warmer days. The usual ideas are mentioned first; going to the beach, outdoor pools and probably a round of golf. But maybe the summer of 2019 is when you try something new. Something that has never been a normal summer activity. Something like… frisbee golf!

Here are my top three reasons you should give the sport of frolf a try this summer.

  1. No pressure: The root of a good game of frolf usually comes from the memories made during the round. It’s never a matter of having a great score, but more the moments that make up that 4 hour game. You can take your shirt off and the course marshal won’t scream at you. You can play music and yell and swim in the ponds when you lose a disc. Frolf should really be the official sport of summer. It’s not classy, it’s best played when hot out and usually at least one person ends up naked in a pond.
  2. It’s cheap: The average price to play one round of regular golf in the Edmonton area is around $60. That’s not including the expensive drinks, lost balls and thousand dollar clubs you smash on the ground after every tee shot. Golf is an expensive game. Frolf however is not. Rundle park has an 18-hole frolf course that is free all summer long. No ridiculous green fees and you can walk on whenever you want to play. The cost of a good set of discs is around $50 and once you have those the sport is essentially free.
  3. It’s easy: One of the main reasons I have a hard time enjoying regular golf is how hard it is. The margin for error is so small, that until you spend a few years really working at it, most golf rounds end up in disappointment. After frolfing for one summer, I was already throwing par almost every game. It’s simple enough that anyone can learn reasonably quick and feel like they did well. No more shooting four tee shots. It’s one throw and off to the races.

Find a warm day this summer, grab a couple frisbees, gather some friends and try frisbee golf for the first time. Considering how cheap it really is, what’s the harm in giving it a try? Even if you don’t love the game, it’s still a great way to enjoy the hot summer after a long cold winter in Edmonton.



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