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3 games to help foster friendships while remote learning

By Admin User on March 9, 2021

Remote learning can be tough. On top of the multitude of distractions at home and potential technical issues that comes with attending post-secondary schools online — it can be hard to make meaningful connections with your fellow classmates. Strong connections can help you perform better and enter the workforce with a network of people in place ready to help you succeed. So, what can we do to build those connections now that we can’t just go to the bar after class? Play video games together of course!

How do you choose the right games though? You need to make sure that the games you’re playing are easy to grasp, promote social behaviour, and are cheap — the average student might not want to spend a bunch of money on a game they may only play once. So here are three great options to help you and your fellow classmates become friends.

  • Among Us: You are a crew member aboard a spaceship that is falling apart. You’ll have to work with your fellow crewmates to accomplish your various tasks and keep the ship operational. But beware, some of your fellow crewmates are actually alien imposters and they’re out for blood. Try and figure out who the imposters are before it’s too late. Or if you’re one of those nefarious aliens, make sure that you’re the last thing left alive on the station.
    • $5.69 on Steam, or free on iOS and Android.
  • Golf With Your Friends: There’s nothing like having a few drinks and spending the night playing mini-golf. Golf With Your Friends lets you tee off in a variety of mini-golf settings from fairy wonderland to haunted mansion. This game is mechanically simple but fun for hours as you’ll try to stay under par.
    • $17.69 on Steam
  • The Jackbox Party Pack: Play a variety of wacky trivia and mini-games with the Jackbox Party Pack. Whether it’s standard trivia, designing your own hilarious t-shirts with random slogans, or writing jokes — with so many different games to choose from you’ll be able to find something for everyone. The best part is that only one person needs to buy each pack, the rest of the players only need to have a smartphone or web browser.
    • $27.90-$33.99 on Steam

With any of these, your next hangout will be the stuff of legends. Good luck and happy gaming!



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