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3 best study spots at NAIT

By Jannah Jumamil on November 28, 2022

The semester is finally ending in a month! Assignments and projects are beginning to stack up, and schedules are getting tighter. The time outside of class is now for study and work.

As a student, I know an efficient study area is crucial to finishing these final projects. Not only do they help me focus, but they also provide me with a comfortable space outside of my home to do work.

What I appreciate most about studying at NAIT are the study spots spread out around campus. There are also rooms available for group study sessions.

After three months at NAIT, I’ve found my top three study spots here on campus:

  • Study Lounge

The Study Lounge is located at the U building, directly below the library. This study spot is also the closest for Radio and Television students whose classes are in the V building.

There’s also a silent zone available for students who’d like to study alone without the noise. By far, this is my favourite way to complete assignments.

  • NAITrium

The NAITrium is located at the J building. It has an open space with lots of fun chairs for lounging. It’s a great study spot for pairs and small groups. Students can also come by to eat and chat.

When I’m studying with a fellow student, we always find ourselves at the NAITrium to do our work together.

  • Collaboration Rooms

Collaboration Rooms are available throughout the campus. There are rooms at the U building and CAT building. Students can get a conference-style room with audio and visual equipment to help group productivity.

If you have final group projects and need the perfect study spot to do this, you can book a room in advance here for free!

Finals are always the most challenging way to end a semester, but we’ve made it this far. Check out these study spots at NAIT to boost motivation and help you push through these assignments!



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